Autumn Light

Hey there!
So Sara and I went for a bike ride a few weeks ago. I brought my camera with me, in case I wanted to photograph something, and I'm so glad I did!

We took off at 4 o'clock in the afternoon because it was starting to get colder in the evenings and the sun was setting really early. After stepping on poop and lots of laughing, we arrived in "Parc de l'Agulla" and we stopped by to take photos with our phones, which lead to my phone's screen shattering (yay! great Laia!). Then we carried on and went to "La Sèquia" which is a track with a narrow river on its side. It was incredibly beautiful, the sun was setting, the river was quiet, the freezing wind, it was starting to feel like autumn. 

On our way back we found a huge rounded tree on top of the river, and the "autumn-y" golden light was shining through the leaves. I screamed and told Sara that we had to stop. She panicked because I was shouting and laughing from the excitement (I may be weird but the golden light drives me insane, I LOVE it). So we parked our bikes on a side and did a quick mini photo shoot. And these are the results! I only took these 3 but I really like them! 

Finally, we arrived, we bought a few snacks and we sat under the street lights and talked about life and our future. 

These are the kind of things that make me happy, watching sunsets, talking about life, the chill bike ride... It made us forget about school and the stress that we had. We loved it and we are definitely repeating this as soon as the exams are over! 

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I leave you with a few iPhone shots from our little adventure.
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After taking this my phone cracked *sad face*

The amazing sky in "Parc de l'Agulla".

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