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For the past few months I've been working for Altafulla - La Sèrie which is a little TV series created by two friends from class and that is growing bigger day by day. 

"Altafulla, tot és possible és una sèrie de quatre capítols d'una hora de durada aproximadament, on s'expliquen les vides i aventures de tres famílies que, sense saber-ho, els seus destins formen part dels de la resta. Una barreja de sentiments, emocions i amistats amb un desenllaç incert..."  - Santi Fornell 

For more information visit the website here

Even though I haven't told you much about the series, you can follow Altafulla - La Sèrie on facebook and on their website where you'll find everything you want to know. You can also help the project by donating here: http://vkm.is/altafulla

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These photos are from March but I really love them and I wanted to share them with you. These were taken the day we explored Altafulla looking for nice places to film the series. 

All the photos are taken with an iPhone 4s, and edited with VSCOcam.

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