Making of "Spring in her skin"

Dear readers,

I thought making a post with the behind-the-scenes photos would be cool and interesting, because this way you can see what everyone does while we shoot, or while the model gets prepared, or the location... so here you have it!

(they are not in order)

Fresh-picked flowers to make the flower crown. 

They're Anna (right) and Claudina (left) from Peccati e Moda. - You'll get to know them in another post. - While Laia, the model, was getting her hair done, we went out to shoot some photos for their fashion blog.

Maria Camps, the make up artist, working.

About Maria: She's a girl, born in December 1997, who loves make up. She lives in Manresa, in the same city as I live. I don't know her a lot but I can tell she is fun and really nice.
So after a long time having her as a friend on facebook and seeing her awesome work on there, I contacted her. I had never worked with a make up artist before so I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to sound rude or make the situation awkward. But when I asked her, she said yes immediately!
After having met her I can say she is passionate about it and she is great!
I hope we can work together as many times as we can, because I really loved the experience.

 Laia getting her hair done.

About Laia: She's a girl born in 1998 who loves singing, acting and modeling. I keep repeating the same about everyone but they were all really nice! 
I first saw her on some photos on facebook, from a photographer I know. I was looking for a blond and blue-eyed girl and I thought she'd be perfect. And just like I thought, she was! She is incredibly beautiful and she is a sweetheart. And she is brave too! We were shooting on a place where freezing wind was blowing and she was standing there, modeling with a pair of shorts and summer clothes, hiding her cold face. 
That's a model!
(Thank you so, so much if you are reading this <3)

 Maria cleaning her brushes.

Anna filming the video.

 Anna showing Laia and Mariona some photos she took while laughing about her hair.

 Anna filming.

 Laia going downstairs while Anna is filming her.

Lovely visitors. 

 Changing the make up.

 Mariona and Maria talking and looking after our things.

While Laia was getting the make up done, Anna and I explored the location and shot some photos. 

 (Mariona has taken this one) Anna, Maria, Laia and I talking.

 Maria and her make up.

This one is from the place where we went after the shoot to eat something and to avoid the cold. We sat there and we ate crepes and sweets, everything was delicious! We spent an hour talking about us and getting to know eachother. I loved it!

I hope you've enjoyed it and tell me if you like seeing this kind of photos, so that I blog more about them. And remember to take a look at everybody's work:

Stylists: Anna Cucurella and Claudina Erro - http://peccatiemoda.blogspot.com.es/
Hairdresser: Perruqueria Kbells Unisex - https://www.facebook.com/PerruqueriaKbellsUnisex
Model: Laia Abia - http://instagram.com/laiabia8
Assistant: Mariona Vallès - http://instagram.com/marionii

With love,


  1. Que guay Laia, estan muy bien las fotos y el making off también. Haces unas fotos muy buenas , sigue así :)