Spring in her skin

Hi everyone,

I'm finally blogging this series! YAY! All of the photos are in my facebook page, so if you are following me on there you might have already seen them, and if not, you can see them below. But I'm here to talk about the experience. I had never worked with a team like this one and I loved it. Everyone was doing what they love and it felt good, it made me really happy.

I had been planning this photo shoot for weeks but it had been really difficult to find a day we could all meet. We were a group of one make-up artist - Maria Camps, a hairdresser - Perruqueria Kbells Unisex, two stylists - Anna Cucurella and Claudina Erro from Peccati e Moda, an  assistant - Mariona Vallès, the model - Laia Abia and I. I have to say everything went perfect, everyone did their job really good and everyone was nice.

So this series is about how the spring comes over the winter; and this is reflected on the clothes. On the first photos all the clothes are black which represent the winter, then the stylists added a touch of colour in the trousers and finally Laia, the model, is wearing clothes full of colours and a flower crown (made by me!) representing the spring.

 "SPRING IN HER SKIN representa como la primavera poco a poco, paso a paso se va imponiendo sobre el frío y duro invierno. Como la luz y el color primaveral entra en nuestros corazones, ilumina nuestras vidas y hace salir esta felicidad tan propia de la primavera." - Anna Cucurella and Claudina Erro from Peccati e Moda

I have to thank Laia for modeling while it was really, really, really, really cold and because she did it amazing.

I leave you with a video made by Anna, one of the stylists. I hope you like the photos, this series and please, take a look at everyone's work because they're awesome.
Thank you!

Stylists: Anna Cucurella and Claudina Erro - http://peccatiemoda.blogspot.com.es/
Hairdresser: Perruqueria Kbells Unisex - https://www.facebook.com/PerruqueriaKbellsUnisex
Model: Laia Abia - http://instagram.com/laiabia8
Assistant: Mariona Vallès - http://instagram.com/marionii


  1. ¡Que bonitas todas!, pero sin duda, a mí me gusta muchísimo la primera. Felicidades por las fotos^^

    1. Muchas, muchas gracias Laura! :)